cover ups, redos, daffodils, sublime, jewelry, leopards, fall leaves tattoos

progress on sublime-inspired sleeve by Tanya Magdalena

Lots of works in progress… Healed flower and fern cover-up of a cover-up. So happy to be able to help folks. Progress on a Sublime-inspired sleeve… rework and addition of Continue Reading →

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Recent tattoos after travels and surgery!

rainbow DNA tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Hey everybody! I’m finally back after an epic 4150 mile motorcycle journey across 7 states, and then the second surgery of 3 this year. Recovered and back at work :-)! Continue Reading →

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sea siren, mt whitney, compass rose, rose leg cover-up, healed raven, red riding hood, and snake moon tattoos by tanya

sea siren tattoo by tanya magdalena

tattoooossss for youussss…..some healed some in progress.  sea siren tattoo finished. hair, tail and water healed. Mt Whitney tattoo by tanya mastectomy scar cover-up tattoo in-progress, face and right side Continue Reading →

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policy changes

Hi Everybody, The weather is warming up finally and the sun is out! Summer is fast approaching…remember to use sunscreen on all your pretty tattoos. Watch for Motorcycles. Vroom vroom. Continue Reading →

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Thinking about getting a tattoo?

Things to consider… Thinking about getting a Tattoo? These 10 pics reveal how tattoos age over time. Click here! I address the issues in this article on a daily basis. Continue Reading →

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Snakes, St Johns Bridge, Mermaids, Feathers, Music, Cover-ups and Reworked tattoos

st johns bridge tarot card by tanya magdalena

Its been a busy month! new projects, and on-going projects…. Snake eating the moon tattoo sleeve in-progress Sea siren forearm tattoo in-progress Feather exploding into bats tattoo Music leg wrap-around Continue Reading →

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in-progress tattoos: Portland cover-up, sea siren, mastectomy scar cover, eyeballs, words, wedding tattoos, rivers, mhendi, sea turtle

portland_sleeve cover-up tattoo

Lots of work in progress! …a Portland sleeve cover-up, sea siren, mastectomy scar covers, eyeballs, words, bass guitar, Portland rose with wings, geometric designs, Oregon rivers, mhendi-style art, st johns Continue Reading →

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Marching forward…

The last 6 weeks had been quite an adventure! Late February saw many tattoos, much art, a fun and theraputic visit to Seattle with the lovely Ms. Vyvyn LaZonga, including Continue Reading →

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Know you are loved, and love yourselves, regardless of your relationship status. Have a fabulous day

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tattoos from the last week….

kitty memorial tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

tattooossss for youuussss…. Finished up a big sleeve-piece, and a beloved kitty memorial. Filagree, lilies and a skull tattoo. My client supplied the artwork that was drawn by her friend. Continue Reading →

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