little tattoos, reworks, and cover-ups

some new tattoos by Tanya Magdalenacc rider by Tanya Magdalenaclient-supplied art

total coverup and rework by Tanya Magdalena
my client had an old tattoo done somewhere else, that didn’t turn out like she had originally hoped, and wanted it changed into something else. She supplied all the specific things she wanted to be included. all is healed in this photo except for the butterfly and rose highlights.

trojan_redo by Tanya Magdalena
rework of an old tattoo

little_stuff by tanya magdalena
a first tattoo of a lotus with her kids initials in the roots, and a memorial for my client’s father, name in numbers, birth and death dates, client supplied the concept.

memorial tattoos by tanya magdalena
little memorial tattoos

raven_rework by Tanya Magdalena
rework/repair of an old raven tattoo, done elsewhere, that didn’t turn out like he had originally hoped. We made it more raven like.

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