Recent tattoos after travels and surgery!

Hey everybody!
I’m finally back after an epic 4150 mile motorcycle journey across 7 states, and then the second surgery of 3 this year. Recovered and back at work :-)!
Here are some tattoos of late….

rose leg cover-up final session by tanya magdalena
Cover-up of old tattoo final session. my client said she got stopped by a tuk-tuk driver in Thailand so he could look at and compliment the tattoo 🙂

rainbow DNA tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
DNA collage tattoo
client brough me a very specific idea of what she envisioned,
adding to an existing whale tail tattoo

mt hood oregon tattoo by tanya magdalena
Mt Hood and compass tattoo

nurse tattoo artwork by Mark Ryden, interpreted by Tanya magdalena
A tattoo interpretation of artwork created by Mark Ryden

native mandala by Tanya Magdalena
Modified mandala artwork originally from a sketch created by my client’s daughter.
The animals represent different family members

native and celtic heritage tattoo by tanya magdalena
celebrating native and celtic heritage:
modified artwork form a sketch originally created by my client

bird of paradise tattoo rework by Tanya Magdalena
rework of an old bird of paradise tattoo

patriotic shield by Tanya Magdalena
patriotic shield based for a military service member, based on client supplied artwork

low back filagree in progress by Tanya Magdalena
low back filagree in progress. part of a larger backpiece

matching sweetheart trees by Tanya Magdalena
complimentary sweetheart trees. when they stand next to each other, the trees form a heart.