COVID-updates as of May 1st

Hi everybody, Just wanted to check-in and give you an update. Unfortunately, tattoo shops are still in a holding pattern, waiting for COVID-19 closure restrictions to be lifted.
The OHA (Oregon Health Authority) is in process of compiling the new list of new safety protocols in regards to COVID-19 that will be implemented, before some service industries slowly begin to re-open. Rumor has it tattoo shops are either Stage 2 or 3 level for re-opening? I am keeping a close eye on new developments.

On May 1st Kate Brown issued a new executive order: 20-24, extending the ‘State of Emergency Declaration in Oregon” until July 6th. While this means the state can get funding from the Fed, it also extends any prior EO mandates including 20-12, the ‘stay at home order’,‘until further notice’. Unfortunately, tattooing does not qualify as a “non-urgent medical procedure”.

As you may already be aware, I operate above and beyond required state guidelines, even before this all started.  There will be some changes as to how I will need to do business pst-COVID, moving forward. It may seem a bit strange for a while, but everyone’s safety, as well state and federal compliance to maintain my license, is of utmost importance. I will re-open as soon as I legally can. Tattooing is my life, my passion and my livelihood, and I miss all my clients.

Your continued support is appreciated since there is still no SBA assistance or self-employed assistance to be seen. Lots of promises, but they have yet to ‘show us the money’. I have added some new items to the Etsy Store to help make ends meet for rent, mortgage, utilities, food, etc. every little bit helps.

Stay tuned, I will continue to check in, and let you know as information is updated.

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