dogs, space, poppies, trees and ravens

Here are some tattoos I worked on last week.
Finished up some multi-session projects, and a few new pieces.

This Celtic Tree of life was designed to incorporate into, and enhance, an old Tribal armband tattoo. The rune was redone as well.Celtic Tree Tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Dog Paw Tattoos by Tanya Magdalena. Keeping their best friends close forever.Dog Paw Tattoos by Tanya Magdalena

A Griffin tattoo by Tanya MagdalenaGunnars Griffin tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Josh’s Space Filler Sleeve by Tanya Magdalena. This piece evolved by adding new elements to a number of existing pieces, to make a space adventure. Ganesha in Spaaace!
Space Collage Tattoo Sleeve by Tanya Magdalena

A series of poppies for her children, along with a cover-up of an old tattoo.
Color Poppy Cover Up tattoo by Tanya Magdalena