harleys, butterflies, flowers, and leopards

Hi all,
May has been the month of starting, and continuing on large, in-progress pieces.
not all of them are represented here, but are coming soon!

Large pieces take time and endurance, both physically and financially. Keeping the commitment, staying the course, and finishing, earns your badge of honor. It can take years sometimes. Thanks to my clients who stick it out and get tattooed in the summer, despite not being able to swim, sun or soak in the heat of the season, while healing their work.

Here are some tattoos from the last few weeks…

Flower Cover-up Tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

My client had an old heart and lovers name tattoo on her chest.
We covered it up with tropical flowers. I love doing Cover-ups Tattoos. Turning something old and unwanted into something my client likes, is very rewarding.

Motorcycle engine in progress by Tanya Magdalena

This Motorcycle Engine Tattoo (I’m being generic here…hint…HD) is in progress, and is part of a large sleeve in progress…

traditional butterfly tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Here is an American Traditional Butterfly. Part of a large sleeve in progress.
Totally fun to do.

Leopard Tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Leopard head tattoo. She brought me some images, the style of leopard head, and some flowers she liked. I put them together in a frame. Totally fun to do. I love this stuff!