Recent Tattoos by Tanya Magdalena

Here are some tattoos by Tanya Magdalena at Above the Pearl Tattoo, from the last couple weeks. Some are finished, some in progress…all are fun.

dragon garden tattoo in progress by Tanya Magdalena
Dragon Garden in-progress. Inspired by tooled leather. My client had an old faded dragon tattoo that she wanted reworked and put in to a “softer” environment, to symbolize her growth from a hard guarded person in her youth, into a having a softer demeaner.
Stay tuned!

clouds and symbols tattoo in progress by Tanya Magdalena
Buddhist clouds and symbols lower sleeve in-progress. We are adding on, and tying-in to an upper half-sleeve tattoo that I did a number of years ago. Stay tuned!

cavalry tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
My client’s first tattoo for his 70th birthday! Marking his time of military cavalry service in Vietnam. Its never to late for ink 🙂

heart in the sea rework by Tanya Magdalena
My client wanted to refresh and brightening an old, faded tattoo, to match the crispness of some new work we have done recently.

southeast asia parrots by Tanya Magdalena
Here’s a parrot tattoo inspired from a Southeast Asian stone carving.