sea siren, mt whitney, compass rose, rose leg cover-up, healed raven, and red riding hood tattoos by tanya

tattoooossss for youussss…..some healed some in progress.  sea siren tattoo by tanya magdalena
sea siren tattoo finished. hair, tail and water healed.

my whitney tattoo by Tanya magdalena
Mt Whitney tattoo by tanya

mastectomy tattoo in progress by tanya magdalena
mastectomy scar cover-up tattoo in-progress, face and right side flowers healed

rose leg cover-up in progress. top blue rose and leaves healed.

mom's handwriting and pineapple tattoo by tanya magdalena
mom’s handwriting and a pineapple tattoo by tanya

healed raven tattoo by tanya magdalena
epic ribcage raven tattoo healed, by tanya

compass rose tattoo by tanya magdalena
compass rose tattoo by tanya

red riding hood tattoo by tanya magdalena
red riding hood tattoo by tanya