St Johns Bridge, Feathers, Music, Cover-up tattoos

Its been a busy month! new projects, and on-going projects….

feather into bats tattoo by tanya magdalena
Feather exploding into bats tattoo

music leg tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Music leg wrap-around tattoo

st johns bridge tarot card by tanya magdalena
St John’s Bridge tattoo Tarot Card Style

a wrinkle in time tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Book cover art tattoo from “A Wrinkle in Time”

maori bird tattoo by tanya magdalena
Maori Inspired Bird Tattoo

mastectomy buddah tattoo in progress by tanya magdalena
Mastectomy scar cover-up in progress

rose cover-up tattoo in progress by tanya magdalena
Large rose leg cover-up of old tattoo, in progress