space tattoo, latin dog, celtic tree, phoenix, tree cover up

here are some works in progress…
space cover up in progress by Tanya magdalena

a space tattoo cover up of a cover up

celtic tree by Tanya Magdalenaceltic tree in progress by Tanya Magdalena
progress on the celtic tree.
This is my clients first tattoo…. going all the way around the arm, one tough guy 🙂

latin dog statue by Tanya Magdalena
Mexican painted dog tattoo, patterned after a small statue.
so many little details and colors!

cross to tree cover up by Tanya Magdalena
cover up of an old cross tattoo on the sternum.
Sometimes there’s a change of faith over one’s lifetime.

phoenix by Tanya Magdalena
Low back phoenix/scar cover (on the left side hip) This is a retirement gift tattoo, at 60. You are never too old to get a tattoo 🙂