wedding ring tattoos

I have been getting a lot of requests for wedding ring tattoos.

The sentiment of tattooed wedding rings or names is awesome, but it is notoriously the ‘kiss of death’ for a relationship, regardless of how long a couple has been together.
If you are willing to consider another option to permanently signify your everlasting love, somewhere else on your body, I would be happy to set you up with a consultation appointment to discuss your project!

If you want to visually signify your love permanently, get a tattoo that represents your partner, somewhere else on your body. It doesn’t have to be big, but that way, if something happens, you can assign a new meaning to it, and it is not on your hand for the rest of your life. Laser removal is very expensive, a long process, super painful, and usually does not go away 100%. (kinda like divorce. LOL)

Besides the emotional aspect, the technical side is that finger tattoos do not hold up well.  They fade quickly, are prone to blowouts, and will not stay on the underside of your finger.

google “healed finger tattoos” and you can see what I mean.

If you are dead set on getting one, despite the warnings, I can always give you a referral to an artist that will tattoo hands, but know that you are going to get the same talk from them, before they will do it.

It is my professional policy not to tattoo hands, necks or faces, especially on someone who is not already heavily tattooed. I pass no judgement on face, neck, or hand tattoos, the people who have them, or the artists that install them. I just won’t do them.

come in with some ideas, and I can make you some awesome wedding/unity tattoos that are special to both of you, that will not be a public disaster, and a permanent reminder, if it doesn’t work out.

“Love lasts a lifetime. Tattoos last 6 months longer.” – Rio DeGennaro