Celtic Tattoo Gallery

Celtic tattoos are timeless. They require focus and a high level of concentration, which is my passion. Celtic tattoos should be large and simple for the tattoo to stand the test of time. Larger work can accommodate higher levels of detail. Click here to schedule a consultation appointment.

aztec celtic tattoo by tanya magdalena
a merge of Aztec and Celtic heritage

celtic cats by tanya magdalena
Color Celtic Cats

celtic crows by tanya magdalena
Celtic Crows

celtic tree by tanya magdalena
Celtic Tree

celtic fox and swans by tanya magdalenaceltic fox and swans by tanya magdalena

Original Celtic fox, swans and hearts specifically designed for my client based on their request for matching wedding tattoos

celtic hearts by tanya magdalena
Celtic Hearts

celtic horses by tanya magdalena

Celtic Horses includes a cover-up.


celtic tree addtion and incorporation of old tattoo

Celtic Tree merging roots with an old tattoo.

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