Mastectomy and Scar Camouflage Tattoos

Please know this page contains images that may be upsetting or triggering to sensitive viewers. I can help complete the journey for both reconstructed, non-reconstruction mastectomies, and top surgeries, both literal areola tattooing/repigmentaton or artistic imagery.  For areola repigmentation, in certain cases I can supply the necessary paperwork for clients to submit to their insurance companies. I also help those who have surgical scars, keloids, disfigurement/ skin grafts from accidents, burn victims, self-harm scars, or for people who have recovered from traumatic periods in their life. Scars generally need to be over a year old and have turned back to your normal skin color. I can also cover unsightly spider veins or varicose veins 🙂 Schedule a consult to see whats possible!

mastectomy flowers by Tanya Magdalena
Mastectomy scar cover-up by Tanya Magdalena

tattoo removal scar cover-up by Tanya Magdalena
Tattoo removal scar cover-up by Tanya Magdalena

self harm keloid scar cover-up by Tanya Magdalena
self-harm keloid scar cover-up by Tanya Magdalena

Roses Over Reconstruction Mastectomy Scars
tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

areola mastectomy repigmentation by Tanya Magdalena
Areola Repigmentation/Reconstruction
tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Self-harm Scar cover-up by Tanya Magdalena
Self Harm Scar Cover-Up by Tanya Magdalena

Fenrir Wolf mastectomy tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Mastectomy scar cover Tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Collage-Art based on client request

mastectomy buddha tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Buddha and Orchids Non-Reconstruction Breast Cancer Survivor Mastectomy Scar Camouflage
tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

scar cover-up roses by Tanya Magdalena
Rose Cover-Up of large surgical scar
tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Pink Apple blossom tattoo over Varicose/spider veins
Tattoo by Tanya Magdalena **tattoo installed pre-covid, masks are now required at all times in the studio**

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