Rework Tattoo Gallery

Old, faded tattoos can sometimes be reworked/redone, added-to, and enhanced, to give them new life. Each situation is different. Email me for a consultation appointment, and let’s see what is possible!

shark_wShark Tattoo Rework by Tanya Magdalena

Rework and addition to an old robot tattoo

northwest redo tattoo by tanya magdalenaRework and repair of an old Northwest Native tattoo.

tribal tattoo rework by tanya magdalena
Old Tribal rework by Tanya Magdalena

beet rework tattoo by tanya magdalenaBeet Tattoo rework by Tanya Magdalena

tom_redo_wDragon Skull and tribal rework by Tanya Magdalena

lotus rework tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Lotus Tattoo Rework by Tanya Magdalena

Feather Tattoo rework with the addition of bird by Tanya Magdalena

Old phoenix tattoo rework by Tanya Magdalena

Rework and addition to an old turtle tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

shellrepair_wSpanish shell tattoo rework/repair by Tanya Magdalena

celticredo_wRework and repair of an old Celtic tattoo

Please see my Blog Page for the latest tattoos in progress!

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