Here are just a few testimonials from past and current tattoo clients. Please feel free to look at more online reviews through Google and Facebook!

Darcy S. – Portland OR 5/2017
Tanya was friendly and professional throughout the design and application of my latest tattoo. Excellent work and I’m extremely happy with it.

Samantha F. – Portland OR 4/2017
I repeatedly have positive experiences at Above the Pearl. I’ve had 3+ tattoos done here over the span of 6 years and I am never disappointed. I come here for her artistry, and professionalism. And above all, she is a genuine person. Highly recommend. About the location: The new location has better parking and a cute coffee shop below.

 Drew A. – Portland OR 1/2017
I was nervous about getting my first tattoo when I came across Tanya’s website when she was still in the “pearl”. Yesterday I got my third tattoo from Tanya. My experience with Tanya is one of trust, total professionalism, and a willingness to share her experience and knowledge so that I’ll be happy many years from now with my tattoo. My daughter is now thinking she wants a tattoo…..I sent her to Tanya for her consult!

Diane H – Boise ID  8/2016
My husband passed away a year ago from esophageal cancer and I wanted to honor his memory. I decided to get a tattoo with the symbol of the cancer ribbon in periwinkle to represent esophageal cancer. Tanya incorporated it in the design of a butterfly. I have had 3 other tattoos and makeup tattoos and Tanya’s professionalism and compassion surpassed all expectations. This by far was my best experience.

 Lisa W– Portland OR 8/2016
I chose Tanya as the artist for my first tattoo based on her gallery of work and her very thorough approach to both the design and planning and to after care. I was not disappointed. The session went faster than I expected, the pain was quite bearable – and she paid close attention to how I was doing the entire time, and the tattoo healed very cleanly and her instructions were easy to follow. Most important, it looks amazing, and everyone who has seen it has exclaimed that it is simply beautiful. I’m very pleased and plan to return to Above the Pearl for my next pieces, and to refer her as well. As a bonus, her studio is completely private, so no strangers will be around while your work is being done. Note that the parking is sometimes very easy and sometimes a challenge, so be sure to read her detailed instructions and arrive a little early.
Scott U – 2/2016
I came to Tanya for my first tattoo and she was phenomenal. I was nervous and she gave me the time I needed to think it over and work it out, then her environment was clean and sterile, everything was great. She walked me through breathing and was even open to letting my friend take some photos. In all, I don’t think I could have asked for a better experience and my piece looks great.

Tony H. –  Portland OR 10/2015
Tanya just did an awesome tattoo for me again. She is by far one of the best in Portland. Her studio is super nice, easy to get to, lots of parking and all in all my new tattoo is one of the best tattoos I’ve ever gotten. Above the Pearl is a great tattoo studio and Tanya is awesome.
previous…12/23/2014 – Tanya did some work for me and after getting tattooed for over 40 years, it was one of the best experiences I’ve every had. She has a great shop, she’s super attentive and very talented.

Josh S. Portland OR 1/2015
I have been going to Tanya for over six years. She designed and inked my entire back piece, and has done both of my 3/4 sleeves. I love her work, and I am constantly getting compliments on it. She is collaborative, detail-oriented, and a very talented artist. Whether you are getting your first tattoo or are covered over half your body, Tanya is a great artist!
Erin F. – Eugene, OR  8/2015
I had a very personal piece designed for me and was looking for the right artist to perform the tattoo work.  I’m from Eugene, and did a lot of research on tattoo artists from around the state.  After asking around and checking out her work, I decided on Tanya.  I wish I had words other than the banal “amazing,” “incredible,” and “astounding” to describe Tanya’s work, artistry and professionalism, but I unfortunately I don’t.  She simply can’t be beat.  Since my first piece, my husband and I have gone back to her for custom design and application of tattoos we wanted to commemorate our marriage, I’ve had her add on to my original piece, and I have had her do a custom designed cover-up.  Each time I am duly impressed.  I have referred a friend to her, and she likewise was beyond happy with Tanya’s work.  Both my husband and I are looking at getting additional work done soon, and we will be going back to Tanya for sure.
Dave F. Portland OR 12/2014
Just had Tanya do my 4th piece, another fantastic piece of work from a true artist.  6 Stars out of 5 :-)

Danielle D –  Charleston, SC  4/2014
Tanya is the most professional and talented artist. Her work is beautiful and her advice on placement, after care, and design exceeded my expectations. I’ve had other artists do tattoos for me and never offer the quality advice that she did. The whole experience was great and I appreciate her. Tanya did my tattoo while visiting Charleston,SC and I will gladly travel across the country to Portland to have her do more work for me.

K C.  –  Portland, OR  4/2014
Tanya has transformed my entire back piece- I was walking around for years with an unfinished sketch on my skin, after I moved across the states from the original artist and could not go back to work on it.  I wasn’t sure if anyone could help me turn it into something beautiful.  She used her exceptional artistic design expertise to pull the entire piece into a cohesive, vibrant, and lovely little world on my back.  Tanya allowed me great flexibility to space out appointments, go for a short amount of time if needed, and never judged me if a day was just not a good day for pain.  You can really tell she treats people with genuine patience, caring and respect, and you don’t find that often in this world

MW S. –  Danville, CA  4/2014
I live in the Bay Area and flew all the way to Portland to have Tanya do a tattoo that is going  to represent the members of my family and it was soooo worth the trip! We just finished the first part of a three part tattoo using the birth flower for my sister, a gladiolus (also known as a sword lily) on my right arm and it came out better than I could have imagined. The design flows beautifully and the colors are bright and vibrant – just what I wanted.  Tanya was patient with my over-the-top ideas and helped me keep the concept of the design, wile eliminating all the clutter I would have thrown in (I never seem to know when to stop!). Her studio is bright, clean and pleasant to be in and she is very professional – as well as fun, friendly and an amazing artist.  I have two more trips to Portland to finish my floral ‘family crest’ and I can’t wait to get started!  If you want a tattoo artist that is smart, straight forward and amazingly talented, go see Tanya – she’s the best artist I’ve ever worked with.

Jerry D.  –  Clover, SC 3/2014
I am a tattoo artist myself, so I feel that I should add my opinion here. The review from Paul G. [on Yelp] is confusing and surprising. I’ve been tattooed by Tanya on a few occasions. Tanya’s process is thorough. She is professional, and up-front, explains her process, and leaves nothing to chance.She has you look at her portfolio, to see if you are compatible in your artistic vision. She works with the art examples YOU bring,  to give you what you want. You sign terms and agree to any rough estimates *before* you get scheduled. YOU HAVE INPUT ON THE ART through the whole process, and APPROVE THE ART, MULTIPLE TIMES, *BEFORE* YOU GET TATTOOED. She will make changes and reworks until you are happy. If you can’t come to an agreement, she will gladly refer you someone who may better suit your vision.So, if he was unhappy with the art, it’s because he didn’t spend time doing his research, brought in bad examples, didn’t speak up for himself (grow a pair,man), and/or really didn’t know what he wanted in the first place. It a totally cowardly move, to not speak-up for one’s self, then be an a*shole, on the internet, about one’s own indecision, and personal issues. I highly recommend Tanya. She’s an awesome person and gives good tattoos.

Rose S.  –  Portland, OR  12/2013
I had wonderful experience getting my first tattoo from Tanya. She had me feel comfortable, and provided a clean, beautiful ( with lots of crystals and unique artwork to look at) environment. The tattoo was beautifully designed and tattooed by her! She provided a aftercare kit with complete instructions and lollipop! I highly recommend her!

Shawn Z.  –  Camas, WA  9/2013
If you’re looking for a place to go for your next tattoo, look no further.  Tanya is a great artist and she takes a great amount of pride in her craft, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.  I’ve had 3 tattoos done by her and I can’t go anywhere else now.Tanya’s shop is quaint and extremely clean, she’s more than happy to disclose her credentials and show you why her shop is the most sterile I’ve seen.  She showed my wife whatever she wanted to see.  She is organized, thorough, and meticulous, exactly what you want in a tattoo artist.
Tanya has a few reasonable rules which she is happy to explain.  She showed immense patience towards me as I was a little difficult my last trip there.  DO ask her opinion and listen to her, DON’T come in there acting like a jerk, she’s a professional and will treat you with respect.  And follow her specific post tattoo instructions, they work!!No cons here, she is very very good so you might have to wait a few months, but be patient, it’s so worth it!  Plus this is a pro in my book, don’t you want a highly sought after tattoo artist??  Do you really want to walk in, present your tattoo, and get it same day?  The answer is no, we’ve all seen those tattoos, and they are forever!Above the Pearl should be where you get your next and all tattoos.

Peter W  –  Portland, OR  9/2013
Great artist, great art.   An excellent experience and I could not be happier with the tattoo.  I would recommend Tanya to anyone, without hesitation.

Bill M.  –  Hillsboro, OR  8/2013
I had minimal experience with getting a tattoo, but I wanted to embellish on the work I had done 2+ years ago.  I was given a gift certificate for Valentine’s Day, and went in for the initial consultation.
Tanya was very clear on what she would do, and what I should expect.  Because she is so busy, it was 5 months before I could get in for the work, but the end product was well worth the wait. The day I went in, she was very specific on what was going to happen, which was a huge plus and very differant from my previous experience.  I like to think I wasn’t nervous, but she could tell, and did a great job of getting me to relax and breath . . . breath.
The tattoo ended up exceeding my expectations.  She wrapped it up right, and provided me with detailed after care instructions.  As of this writing, I’m just two days in, and have had no issues. Thank for the great experience Tanya!

Jahmyl E.  –  Portland, OR 8/2013
Very professional. Very helpful. Very versatile. I came in with a very rough sketch of what I wanted and ended up with an amazing tattoo. Her studio is very clean and comfortable. She is very nice and willing to answer any questions. She gave very good and clear after-care instructions. I really couldn’t be happier with my tattoo. It healed perfectly and is more than what I had hoped for.

Jennifer S.  –  Denver, CO  6/2013
I loved this tattoo experience. It was my first tattoo, and Tanya gave me what I needed to be able to breathe and work my own magic to accommodate the process of being tattooed. Tanya takes exactly what time she needs. Like her art, she is very precise and elegant. She is so present during the process that I felt cared for every moment. She also has a gorgeous crystal chandelier in her impeccable space, and it is good for moving the tattoo tingles to another plane. First rate and worth the wait!!

Tabitha B.  –  Vancouver, WA  3/2013
Tanya is awesome and very talented! She’s very professional and clean. She won’t. Just take your money and slap whatever on you. She tells you why it will work and why it won’t.  There’s a bit of a wait…but well worth it to have something on you that’s permanent.  I did my first session and LOVE how it looks so far!!! Found my one and only tattoo artist.

Greg E.  –  Portland, OR  2/2013
Tanya did an outstanding job with my forearm tattoo’s. her studio is very clean – explained aftercare clearly and I will definitely be back. I would strongly recommend her – talented and professional.

Lindsay R.  –  Portland, OR  11/2012
Tanya is a great tattoo artist and is seriously worth going too. I looked around Portland for a long time trying to find someone who could give me all that I wanted for my first tattoo and also be very helpful.
I’m very happy with how it came out, and honestly for a few other ideas I have I will definitely go back to her shop. Also, as compared to other places or portfolio’s I’ve looked at, Tanya has a wide range of art she can do. Her realistic celtic work was actually my decided factor to make an appointment with her. I couldn’t have made a better choice in my opinion.
I also think another great thing about getting you’re tattoo done here is that Tanya runs her own shop. So you don’t have to deal with like 3 other tattoo artists running around you or setting up or having other people getting tattooed right next to you. It makes the experience a lot more comfortable and she is very good at helping you relax.  She is all about making sure you get what you pay for and that you’ll have a good experience while getting tatted.
I have no bad words to say about this shop and this artist, I encourage people to go to Above The Pearl Tattoo if they want a quality tattoo from a fantastic artist, who really does a beautiful job with her artwork and has reasonable prices and regulations

Katrin S.  –  Portland, OR  10/2012
Hands down the best tattoo experience I’ve had. A week later I have no itching, no scabs and although she offers free touchups it looks like I will not be needing any.
She’s not the cheapest tattoo artist in Portland but what you pay is nothing compared to the quality of work you will receive.

Levi S.  –  Portland, OR  9/2012
Got my first tattoo recently from Tanya and couldn’t be happier!  She does amazing work, my tattoo is very vivid and precise.  Tanya is very professional and talented.  She came up with a couple different design schemes for me to choose from and was flexible with how I wanted the end result.  Her pricing is on the lower end as far as tattoos go, but her work is superlative.  I highly recommend her and will be going back I had a wonderful experience at Above the Pearl. Having a private & personal experience was important to me for my first tattoo, and Above the Pearl was the perfect setting. Tanya takes care to explain things in detail, both at the consultation appointment and the day of the tattoo. My tattoo design was simple–just a signature–but required a lot of precision. I am incredibly pleased at the final product and received lots of compliments from other tattooed Portlanders on how excellent and detailed Tanya’s work is. You will likely have a few months’ wait (my tattoo was two months after my consultation appointment), so if you’re looking for someone to do a spur of the moment tattoo, this is not the place for you. But if you want a private, thoughtful, excellent tattooing experience with someone who is passionate about her work, this is a great place and well worth the wait. I’ve been tattooed by 6 different people now, I dare say Tanya is my favorite.  She’s classy and interesting, and very artistic. She’s thorough with before, and aftercare instructions. I got my tattoo June 21st and it’s healing beautifully. I learned there is a huge difference between a tattoo artist, and someone who knows how to use a tattoo gun. Do your homework, chose wisely… And don’t look for a deal. Wait until you can afford a piece of art, so you don’t end up with a piece of crap. I LOVE my “forget me nots”  and I’ll be looking forward to the day when Tanya comes back to my area. :) amazing artist!  She was professional, friendly and skilled.  She was able to accommodate my weird schedule and I came away with the perfect tattoo in the perfect location.  I highly recommend this artist.

Rob W.  –  Lake Oswego, OR  3/2012
In a potentially off-center world of body ink, Tanya is the consummate professional and is rightly top-rated at her craft in the city of Portland.
I waited until I was nearly 40 to get my first tattoo, and with some trepidation sought out artists in Portland who were the best in their field.
Tanya works with you to develop your thoughts on design – much easier if have the elements already identified.  She is supportive throughout the process, especially if you have never had a tattoo before, and she is a total pro.  Her “aftercare instructions” were flawless. It’s been a few months, and I’m still very happy with the work I received and her demeanor.  One reminder:  Don’t forget to tip!

Pat T.  –  Dyer, IN  1/2012
To whom this may concern, I just had my first tattoo done by the amazing Tanya. I have had my idea and wanted it done for over 4years. I have searched for the right artist and I finally stumbled upon Tanyas work when I was on a business trip from Chicago to Portland. I had tried to get in to her shop for the month that I was out in Portland but she was fully booked for the next few months. She informed me that if I come back to Porland as long as I gave her a decent notice she would schedule me in. We stayed in communication for over 7months. She had sent me emails with appointment dates, ideas and her drawings. I flew over 1400miles, took the train to downtown portland, and walked 3 miles in the sleet to have this tattoo done. She is extremely friendly, polite, informative, talented and down to earth. She talked to me throughout the entire process which made it a phenomenal experience. Throughout the whole experience I just knew I had made the right choice. Her shop and atmosphere made me feel like I was right at home. Once her work was complete it was time to look at the finished product. Her steady hand and technical design were truly amazing. I had felt honored to have her design my first and def. not last tattoo. I have already told her she will be doing my next tattoo when I come to Portland. Thank you again for all of your time the other night. Happy 2012 business year and God Bless !!!

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