Cover-ups, reworks, and more tattoos by Tanya

suess belly rework by Tanyaredo/rework of old Dr Suess belly tattoo

Israel landscape by Tanya Magdalena

My client brought me a photograph of an Israel landscape from his travels. I made this interpretation and translated it to a tattoo.

oregon lighthouse cover-up by Tanya Magdalena
client wanted her old tattoo covered up with a specific Oregon coast lighthouse.

celestial rework by Tanya Magdalena
rework and refresh of this tattoo

purple rose by Tanya Magdalena
Client brought me a picture of a rose. Wanted it purple. so, here is a purple rose.

music sleeve in progress by Tanya Magdalena
More progress on the Sublime-inspired music sleeve. Swell-bow edition. Youch. He sat like a champ. Chipping away on this epic full sleeve…

buddhist mantra tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Buddhist mantra on my client’s forearm

goldfish cover-up tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Rework/cover-up of a relatively new goldfish tattoo. This is what can happen to the currently popular ‘watercolor’ tattoos (or tattoos with no outlines) especially in high sun-exposure areas of the body. Outlines stand the test of time…Bold will hold.

sun compass by Tanya Magdalena
Lovely thigh sun compass…

bird on branch by Tanya Magdalena
little bird memorial

hummingbirds by Tanya Magdalena
hummingbird memorials for a family member who recently passed.

vampire bat head by Tanya Magdalena
scary vampire bat head 🙂