cover-ups, reworks, owls, motorcycle, new tattoos by tanya

bird rework tattoo by tanya magdalena

Here are some of the projects I have been working on…. some in-progress, some finished fun owl tattoo with a moon and flowers rework of an old tattoo I did Continue Reading →

moth cherry blossom surrogate mother cover up rework cross tribal lillies

surrogate_mother tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

Some recent tattoo projects by Tanya Magdalena. Some in-progress, some finished moth cover-up in progress my client requested a tattoo to represent how she feels when being a surrogate mother. Continue Reading →

literary tattoo, lotus, celtic tree, cartoon dog

celtic tree armbandtattoo by Tanya magdalena

some recent tattoos by Tanya Magdalena lotus tattoo on ankle surrounding a reworked older tattoo Celtic tree tattoo by Tanya Magdalena lower armband artwork by Pat Fish Literary tattoo by Continue Reading →