New Rates and Policies

Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far.
I just wanted to give everyone a head’s-up…due to the cost of absolutely everything going up…shop rent, utilities, insurance, supplies, shipping, etc., I am having to slightly increase my hourly and drawing rates. I have been absorbing all the increases for the last few years, and unfortunately, I am unable to do so anymore and still make ends meet.
I will still honor my old rate of $155/hr for anyone already schedule for 2020 prior to Dec 31st 2109, and works in-progress.

As of Jan 1st 2020:
Hourly Tattoo rate: $160/hr
Major revisions/drawing fees, beyond the included initial sketches: $80/hr

Please remember that the hourly rate is all-inclusive. It includes consultation time, drawing time, art review meeting time, line art time, and tattooing. For every hour of needle-time, there is usually 3-4 hours behind it. Of that, at least 50% goes immediately to overhead/supplies, I am taxed on the remaining 50%. then I still have to pay my own bills.

I am now requiring a additional non-refundable ‘line-art security deposit” of $50 -$100, at the time of the art/sketch review, once we decide to move forward with a design, and it applied towards the final cost of the tattoo. This covers the time it takes for me to produce the tattoo-able line art from the agreed rough/concept phase, and is applied towards the cost of the final tattoo, once completed. This compensates me for my time in case someone gets cold-feet and cancels after we have agreed on the artwork,  i have spent time getting it tattoo-ready.

All deposits are non-refundable, are applied towards the cost of the tattoo. Deposits are applied at the very last appointment, on multiple session appointments. In the case of cover-ups, the initial $100 deposit covers the final touch-up/layering appointment.

Thanks so much for understanding. Love to everybody and thanks for trusting me to work on you
May 2020 be healthy and prosperous!