Your support is appreciated!

The COVID-19 temporary business closure in Oregon has been tough on all of us small business owners, especially the self-employed sole-proprietors. There has been no SBA assistance, and self-employed unemployment assistance has yet to be seen. Lots of promises, but they have yet to ‘show us the money’. It been 2 months so far with no income for both personal and business expenses, and still no re-opening date in sight. Last word was possibly July? Prior to re-opening, there will be many new safety protocols to put in place, on top of what we already do to ensure your safety, all at the expense of us small business owners who are already stretched thin.

If you would be interested in helping me out, please visit my ETSY store with prints, bone boxes, and earrings for sale, to help me make ends meet for mortgage and commercial rent, utilities, bills, food, etc. Please visit,
and pass the link on to anyone you may know that may be interested 🙂 Any support is greatly appreciated, and every little bit helps.

Thank you so much!