Cover-ups, moths, peony, triumph, motorcycle, space

New tattoos, cover up tattoos, and tattoos in progress by Tanya Magdalena

ampersands by Tanya Magdalena
Custom ampersands

moth and blossoms cover-up by Tanya magdalena
moth cover-up by Tanya Magdalena
Moth and cherry blossom covering up the lower portion of an old tattoo.

triumph 650 lower end by Tanya Magdalena
Continuation of an original tattoo by Mary-Jane Haake. My client wanted it to tie into the original tattoo to make a 3/4 sleeve.

celtic wave cover-up by Tanya Magdalena
Celtic wave cover-up finished, one polish session to go. My client wanted to represent celtic knots, colorado flowers, and his love of the ocean.

space wrist tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
flower wrist band by Tanya Magdalena
Wrap-around space tattoo, and wrap-around flowers. my clients are to be married, and instead of tattooing wedding rings (a big no-no) we decided to make them wristbands.

swirls and flowers by Tanya Magdalena
Swirly addition to a cover-up, to match the existing back-piece.

peony and berries cover-up by Tanya Magdalena
A challenging cover-up of a big, bold italy. like a big puzzle. The lower purple berries are healed. One more session to go…