cover-ups, reworks, owls, motorcycle, new tattoos by tanya

Here are some of the projects I have been working on…. some in-progress, some finished
owl and daisies tattoo by tanya magdalena
fun owl tattoo with a moon and flowers

bird rework tattoo by tanya magdalena
rework of an old tattoo I did almost 9 years ago. at the time he insisted, despite my advice, that it not have outlines and be super detailed. he is a sun-lover and neglected sunscreen. outlines help. came back to me to have me rework it, and said “i should have listened to you ;-)”

triumph 650 motor tattoo by tanya magdalena
here we are matching/continuing and old engine/skin-tear style tattoo originally done by Mary-Jane Haake, to make a 3/4 sleeve, using the bottom end of a triumph 650 motorcycle engine. She sent him to me to have me do the new work. Thanks MJ!

scar cover garden tattoo by tanya magdalena
my client drove down from north of Vancouver BC to have me do her first tattoo to cover some scars on her back. Thank you for the journey and the trust. its always a great compliment when people travel to see me. 🙂

dragonfly aging progress
My Client brought me the art and idea. it is homage to the band Pantera. while this is something I normally choose not to do, (bands, lovers names) I gave him all the cautionary tales, and he still wanted to proceed. makes a statement!

flowers for kids tattoo by tanya magdalena
simple linework flowers added to a forearm tattoo I did a couple years ago.

rework henna tattoo by tanya magdalena
my client wanted to add/enhance this symbol tattoo. it was slightly off-center, and she wanted to keep the same basic shape of her original tattoo, and add henna/mandala style work around it.

celtic redo and rabbit tattoo by tanya magdalena
rework of old celtic tattoo and addition of a celtic style rabbit and stars to make it cohesive.

flower chest plate in progress by tanya magdalena
in-progress floral chestplate and cover-up of old tattoo. one tough lady! chest tattoos hurt.

nouveau poppies by tanya magdalena
minimalist line art poppies with green foliage, scar cover-up. my client did not want any color in the flowers.