peony, chrysanthemum cover-ups, oklahoma bird, music sleeve

Cover-ups are my bread and butter lately. Fun and challenging. I will always design pieces to achieve the best results over the long-haul. There are constraints and limitations to what will work and be successful in the long term. Be it subject matter, design, placement, size and color. Lets see what magic we can make!

peony cover-up tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Peonies and berries to cover-up an old, large Italy leg tattoo
Cover-up tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

chrysanthemum cover up by Tanya Magdalena
Chrysanthemums covered this old Om
Cover-up tattoo by Tanya Magdalena

oklahoma bird tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
Oklahoma themed bird tattoo as an homage to grandma, by Tanya Magdalena

music sleeve tattoo by tanya magdalenaMore progress on the music sleeve, two+ years in the making
large detailed colorful pieces are a commitment of pain, time and money.
Thanks Forrest, for sticking to it! You rock.