butterfly, baby feet, mystic, dragon koi

Lots of projects in the works! Some large long-term projects, some complete, some big or some small, I love them all.

misc tattoos by tanya magdalena
cat memorial, baby feet butterfly, and dad and daughter tattoos
– the kitty memorial is a companion piece to join and tie in the two half sleeve tattoos we just finished. more will be added. next session 🙂
– the butterfly tattoo is a specific request to be made out of her grandson’s baby foot prints.
– the dad and daughter was created to match a similar tattoo I created for his first daughter many years ago.

dragon koi tattoo in progress by tanya magdalena
Dragon Koi tattoo in-progress
the beginning of an epic Dragon Koi tattoo. the tattoo will continue onto his deltoid and chest. kudos to my awesome client, great first session! here’s to many session to come!

mystic tattoos by tanya magdalena
mystic tattoos in the ditches
tattoos in the inner elbows, also know as “the ditches”
ouchy 🙂

small tattoos by tanya magdalena
pinterest inspired tattoos
some popular tattoos. simple is not easy. no room for error.

music sleeve tattoo in progress by tanya magdalena
music sleeve tattoo in-progress
progress on and epic full sleeve, started about 2 years ago. it gets worked on about every 2 months or so, in sections. This session took lots of endurance, being on the inner arm and up near the armpit.

toe cover-up tattoo by tanya magdalena
flower tattoo cover-up on big toe
we covered up an old frog tattoo. a perfect example of too much detail, in too small a space, over too much time, on a high exposure and articulated area. glad I could help you 🙂