surrogate mother, cover up, rework, cross, lillies

Some recent tattoo projects by Tanya Magdalena. Some in-progress, some finished

surrogate_mother tattoo by Tanya Magdalena
my client requested a tattoo to represent how she feels when being a surrogate mother. (tattoo done well after she was done breastfeeding)

tattoo rework by tanya magdalenarework and addition to old tattoo

tribal cross and names tattoo by tanya magdalena
tribal cross and kids names

alligator emblem tattoo by tanya magdalenamy client wanted an alligator shirt emblem in solidarity to match the one of his life-long best friend, who was dying of cancer.

ankle flower vines by tanya magdalena
pretty dogwood flowers and vines

thigh lilies tattoo by tanya magdalena
thigh liles in-progess

peony cover up tattoo by tanya magdalena
cover-up of old tattoo, in-progress